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Added February 29, 2008

BRAND NEW: Camtasia 5 Screencast Tutorials With Viral Rebranding Tool

Screencast Tutorial Videos on How to Use Camtasia 5 Screen Recording Software!"

These PLR Video Download Links Are Delivered Via a PDF File, and We're Allowing YOU to RE-BRAND It!

We've Made This Product Into a Viral Tool For You, Spreading YOUR Links Across The Internet 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week! Take a Look At These Screenshots To See What We Mean...

Private Label Rights

Added February 28, 2008

Easy Online Image And Templates Creator (Members Suggested)

Make banners, buttons, badges, tabs, full templates and wordpress themes

The Header On This Website Was Created In About Two Minutes!

You get full PLR rights to this program.

- Give it away
- Sell it
- Rebrand it
- Use it yourself
- There are NO RESTRICTIONS at all!

Private Label Rights

Added February 27, 2008

eBay Cashflow Site™ (Members Suggested)

"Top eBay affiliates are making $1,000's per month."

"eBay pays out over $1 million per year to just their top 50 affiliates!"

Isn't it time you got your share of BILLION$ of dollars in fees from Winning Bids and Buy It Now transactions?

- It's pre-built & ready to go - just download, edit affiliate ID, upload - It's flexible - you can change colors, header graphics and more - It's economical - add a new profit center for the price of dinner
- It's a money maker - built-in income streams to fatten your wallet

Master Resale Rights

Added February 26, 2008

47 Newbie Marketing Videos (Members Suggested)

Think starting an online business is complicated? Not if you read every single word of this message!

Who Else Wants 47 “Closely Guarded” Videos That’ll Take You From Internet Marketing ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’… …Even If You’ve Never Sold A Thing Online In Your Life?”

Read On To Discover the 3 Common Myths of Internet Marketing Success And How YOU Can Get INSTANT Access To The Ultimate Internet Marketing Success Shortcut!

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Added February 25, 2008

Ten Brand New PLR eBooks For 2008!

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Added February 24, 2008

MiniSite GraFX Pro Volume II (Members Suggested)

Grab Professionally Designed MiniSite Templates

5 Brand New Professionally Designed MiniSites.

Private Label Rights

Added February 22, 2008

Instant Membership Site Creator Version 3.2

Create Your Own Membership Sites in 60 Seconds !

Are you Looking for an Easy Solution to Create a Password Protected Membership Site ?

Warning: If you are already running this script please do not try to upgrade with this version as it might wipe out your membership database.

Master Resale Rights

Added February 20, 2008

EZY PayPal IPN Protection Generator

The EZY PayPal IPN Protection Generator AUTOMATES Your PayPal Product Sales And Delivers Your Products In A Fully Secure Environment!

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Added February 18, 2008

Backup My Filez - Software

If You Don't Have Backups You Can Lose Irreplacable Data Like Digital Photos, Business Files, Tax Records, and Other Important Digital Information!

It's not good enough to make backup copies of important files, you need to place them in a different location than the original files. That way, if your hard drive fails, you can retrieve your important files from a network drive, backup drive, FTP account, or even a web based email account.

This software can backup your important files to multiple locations on a given schedule, compress your files, encrypt your files, and restore everything seamlessly!

Master Resale Rights

Added February 17, 2008

No Image
Yoono...Who Knew? - Video

Yoono The Secret traffic strategy very few even know about and even fewer are using!

Un-Restricted Private Label Rights

Added February 16, 2008

Mass Control - Frank Kern

Exclusive Private Interview with the world's most in-demand launch specialist.

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Added February 15, 2008

Install Seo Wordpress - Video Tutorial

Here Is How You Can Easily Deploy Fully Search Engine Optimized WordPress Blog That Drives Tons Of Targeted Traffic To Your Niche Sites Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

Master Resale Rights

Added February 14, 2008

Gift Manager Pro - Software

The Ever Growing Number Of JV Giveaways Makes It Hard To Keep Track...

... Get Organized With 'Gift Manager Pro'

A Gift Managing Script Every JV Giveaway Contributor Needs
Master Resale Rights

Added February 14, 2008

JV Giveaway Package

JV Giveaway events are becoming more popular everyday. No wonder... if you play it right, you can profit big! The package you'll find on this page contains everything you need to maximize your JV Giveaway results. No way you can live without!


1- All There Is To Know About JV Giveaways...
This report will tell you everything there is to know about JV Giveaway events. A must read for every member and JV partner

2- JV Giveaways Checklist
This brand new report outlines every single step to take to get ready to run a successful JV Giveaway campaign and add hundreds of subscribers to your mailing list in a very short period of time!

3- JV Giveaway Squeeze Pages in-A-Box
Simply add your gift details to these squeeze page templates and you can have your gift listed in the JV Giveaway events in no-time!
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Added February 13, 2008

Ultimate Motivators Package - 3 Softwares

Discover How You Can Fully Automate The Strategy That Would Literally Force Visitors RUSH To Buy Your Products... And Be Warned That You Might Get Real Irritated By The Unstoppable Floods Of Payment Notifications Jamming Up Your Mailbox!

Increase Price Per Sale Automator (PHP)

1- A Super Sales Motivator
2- Increase $X.XX after every sale
3- Set the amount of price increment you desire after each sale made.
4- Create urgency and literally force them to buy!
DiscountCoder (Javascript)

Create special discount for specific customers. Give away discount codes to your JV partners and drive high traffic and sales to your website!
PromoTimer (Javascript)

A count down timer on your salespage to make visitors quickly decide before they missed the opportunity for your one-time offer.

Master Resale Rights

Added February 12, 2008

Desktop Pop

With "DeskTop Pop" You Can Guarantee They'll Get Your Messages - Every Time!

DeskTop Pop is a brand new program that lets you build mini applications that sit in your prospects system tray (The bottom right of your screen next to the clock).

This little 'silent salesman' quietly monitors the web page you tell it to (as often as you want) until you update that page. 'DeskTop Pop' will create a file ready to distribute to your prospects and customers!

Master Resale Rights

Added February 11, 2008

Vintage Cars

Restoration Tips From A Classic Car Junkie!

1) Learn The Difference Between Repair and Restoration

Repairing a car is quite different from restoring a classic car. Repairs are made all the time on cars, this is not a restoration. There is not only a difference in repairing and restoration, but there is also a vast difference in the types of restoration. Here you can discover the different types of restoration for cars as well as the difference between simply repairing a car and actually restoring it.

2) Learn How To Do It

Vintage Cars - Restoration Tips From A Classic Car Junkie" will not only give you easy to understand details of what you need to restore your car, but also how to find he products and parts that you will need as well as step by step instructions on the process of class car restoration.

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Added February 11, 2008

Coupon Codes

You Can’t Save Money Shopping Online Unless You Know…

1) How to shop online with coupon codes. All the tips and tricks to make saving 50% or more on each purchase fun and easy!

2) Where to look for hundreds of coupon codes online! How to research to find the best deals on the items you want and need! How to save $$$ easily while shopping online!

Where you shop can save you money! Serious money! It’s all in knowing where to go and what to do when you get there!

Master Resale Rights

Added February 10, 2008

Vital Viral - 18 Explosive Tactics

With Vital Viral - 18 Explosive Tactics, you will finally learn how to complete complicated viral tactics like blogging, creating videos, setting social bookmarks, linkbaiting, rebranding and community building all for one low price. Vital Viral - 18 Explosive Tactics will explain 18 vital concepts so your online marketing can start to profit.

Vital Viral - 18 Explosive Tactics Will Help You...

  1. Understand Why Viral Marketing Is Necessary To Your Business!
  2. Start Creating Your Own Viral Campaigns Today!
  3. Learn How A Viral Strategy Can Be Effective And Cheap!
  4. Understand How Simple Blogging And Customer Service Can Be The Best Thing You've Ever Done!
  5. Discover How To Create The Exact Viral Effect To Give Your Business A Real Kick In The Butt!
  6. To Start Thinking Outside The Marketing Box!
  7. Understand The Best Way To Reach The Most People Possible!

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Added February 9, 2008

Auction Maul 1.2 Software

Discover what they're buying,
Locate a source for these hot selling items,
Offer them what they already want to buy,
Do it over again...
All in one amazing piece of software - the Auction Maul...

So ... How do you know what everyone is buying?

That's where the Auction Maul comes in! Using the Auction Maul, your "x-ray" vision into what auction buyers are actually plunking cash down on ... in real time!

So, now let's fill in the missing pieces ...

  • Use the Auction Maul's "x-ray" vision to see what everyone is buying
  • Use the Auction Maul to locate the best-of-the-best vendor for what everyone is buying
  • Buy Low (in quantity - what your customers want to buy) and Sell high! Do it over and over again!

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Added February 8, 2008

15 IM Minisites Templates

Now You Can Raise Your Sales Dramatically With These Professionally-Made, Ready-To-Use Graphics And Minisite Templates!

These 15 Internet Marketing Templates will help you create your own professional minisite template in a flash - in fact, you do not need to have amazing design talent so you can have it up and running right away. All you have to do is some point and click, and you're done in minutes!

Private Label Rights

Added February 7, 2008

Forum Assistant Pro - Members Suggested

Who Else Wants To Use Cutting Edge Software To Reach Out And Touch Hundreds of Thousands of Laser Targeted Prospects With Your Message?

  1. Save and load different messages!
  2. Automatically insert your message into posting pages with one click!
  3. Automatically format your message into Text, HTML, UBB Code, or EZCode!
  4. Create your own formatting templates for other messageboards!
  5. Bookmark your posts and automatically check them for replies!

Master Resale Rights

Added February 6, 2008

BIG Shiny Buttons

High Resolution Web Elements

By Simply Adding Professional Web Graphic Elements to Your Sales Pages You Can Increase Your Conversions by Up to 300% !

Master Resale Rights

Added February 5, 2008

5 Video Squeeze Templates Web 2.0

Video Squeeze Pages Are Rapidly Replacing "Regular" Text Based Squeeze Pages

Use These 5 New Video Squeeze Templates to EXPLODE Your Opt-In List!

Private Label Rights

Added February 4, 2008

Web Video Marketing Revealed

Discover How You Can Maximize Your Online Profits By Harnessing The Incredible Power Of Marketing With Internet Videos!

Introducing Web Video Marketing Revealed!, a special guide that will show you how to maximize your profits using web videos! Web Video Marketing Revealed! not only covers the why's and how-to's, but it also covers the technical side of video marketing.

Master Resale And Re-branding Rights

Added February 3, 2008

4 Brand New PLR Ebooks

Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Gain Instant Access To A Collection Of Smoking HOT, Profit-Pulling Info Products One Click Away From Here!

#2: Explode Your Monthly Income Through Monthly PLR Sites!
#2: Fire Your Boss And Join The Internet Marketing Revolution!
#3: How to Create an Out-of-Control Viral Marketing Campaign!
#4: Network Marketing Survival 2

No Restriction Private Label Rights

Added February 2, 2008

No Image
First Visit - Date Php Script

Date Script - Un-Restricted PLR

UN-Restricted Private Label Rights

Added February 1, 2008
Surviving Valentine's Day On Your Own - Ebook

These days Valentine's Day is such a big thing that you would have to be living on the moon if you didn't know anything about it. As early as December, you will be surrounded by advertisements, promotions, special offers and gift ideas in newspapers, on TV, on radio, on the Internet - basically everywhere you turn.

For some people all this hype is way too much and they prefer to ignore the slightest insinuation that Valentine's Day is on its way. Others will find it quite depressing that they see or hear so much about it everywhere, considering that they are actually single and find that they will have no one to celebrate it with.

PDF File
Word Doc. File
eCover Graphic

Private Label Rights

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