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Added April 30, 2008

Instant Affiliate Sqeeze Page Machine

IN 2 MINUTES You Can Create A Squeeze Page Echoing The Killer Headline, Sales Copy & Ecover From The Sales Site That You Are Promoting!

Complete With Your Auto Responder Form That Forwards Your Prospects To The Salespage After Adding Them To YOUR List!

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Added April 29, 2008

Follow-up Email Creator Pro - (Members Suggested)

How To Create Follow Up Emails For Any Product or Service in Minutes By Simply Copying and Pasting Information Into A One-Page Template!

Finally There's a Way to Write Follow Up Emails For Any Product You Sell Generating Back-End Sales on Auto-Pilot!

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Added April 28, 2008

Adsense Secrets Unleashed - (Members Suggested)

The Adsense Secrets Unleashed! trilogy comes in 3 E-Books - tailor made for beginners who are new to the entire cutting-edge concept of making money from Google Adsense.

Module #1: Uncovering The Adsense Goldmine

Module #2: The Adsense Traffic Avalanche

Module #3: Highly Profitable Adsense Tips

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Added April 26, 2008

Ads In Da Box Pro - Ads/Banner Manager Php

One Single Application Can Triple Your Sales, Boost Your Profits, Split Test Ads And Banners While Not Cluttering Your Webpages Or Turn Off Your Prospects!

The Absolute Solution To Managing Your Ad Boxes From One Centralized Area

Ads In Da Box Will Help You:
  • Support for all types of adverts
  • Grouping scheme to classify ads in individual groups.
  • Easy installer with built in FTP
  • Absolutely NO MySQL DB installation required.
  • Produces codes for unlimited rotation of unlimited ads.
  • Ads can be rotated on onsite/offsite web pages
  • View statistics for impressions and clicks
    Plus so much more...
Master Resale Rights + Rebrandable

Added April 25, 2008

EZ Ebook Templates Package 2

Ready For The Next Edition In New OpenOffice Writer Templates To Help You Create PDF Ebooks With Incredible Style And Ease While Maximizing Plenty Of 'White Space' In Your Ebooks For Easier Reading?

  • 9 Pre-Formatted .ODT Ebook Templates For Use In OpenOffice Writer
  • All Extra Graphics In Both .PSD and .JPG Format That Are Used Inside The Ebook Template Designs
  • Some Extra Background Design Elements To Use For Your Own Unique Ebooks
  • Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire EZ Ebook Template Package
  • 1 Sales Page, 1 Thank You Page, And All Necessary Graphics For Reselling
  • An All New Handy, Easy To Follow PDF Manual Explaining How To Making Adjustments To The Ebook Templates And The Graphics, Step-By-Simple-Step
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Added April 24, 2008

20 MiniSite Graphics Pack

Professionally Designed, Web2.0 Style Mini Site Templates In HTML, Photoshop And For XSitePro... And To Kick-Start Your Money-Making Mini Sites In A FLASH!

All Mini-Site templates contain:

  • XSitePro template version
  • HTML version complete with web graphics
  • Photoshop PSD file
  • Blank header graphic file in GIF or JPG
80 *New* Converting Web Graphic Icons, Order Buttons And Guarantee Seals As Exclusive Bonus!

Private Label Rights

Added April 23, 2008

3 Ways To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program by Jimmy D. Brown

3 different ways to start your own coaching program - including one method that you can get started using TODAY with nothing more than a salesletter in place.

A simple look at the numbers explains why it is so important…

-It takes 50 customers buying a $20 ebook to earn $1,000.
-It takes only 1 customer buying a $1,000 coaching program.

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Added April 22, 2008

Web 2.0 Minisite Templates Version 7

- 10 Full Minisites With Header and Footers
- 3 New One Time Offer Full Templates

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Added April 21, 2008

2 Brand New PLR Exclusive Products

- Email Marketing For Newbies:

Discover Secret Email Marketing Methods And Uncover How to Make An Absolute Killing With Email Marketing!

It Takes Any Prospect You're Targeting An Average Of 7 Times Before They Finally "Tune In" To Your Sales Message... But It Can Take As Many As 13!

Step-By-Step Methods Teach YOU How To Research Your Target Market, Create Your Product, Build Your Opt-In Lists And Automate Your Selling Process...

- Dog Basics for Newbies:

What does 'Dog Basics for Newbies" Cover?
  • Health and Health Insurance
  • Grooming and Clipping
  • Vaccinating
  • Spaying and Neutering
  • Fleas and Other Parasites
  • Dental Care
  • Feeding and Vitamins
  • Happy Dog And More
Un-Restricted Private Label Rights

Added April 20, 2008

Niche Marketing Magic

You have probably heard of affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, article marketing and even forum marketing, but what in the world is niche marketing.

Niche marketing is essentially the act of targetting a very speciallized group of consumers.

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Added April 18, 2008

Hub Blueprint Version 2

In the HubBlueprint: The Ultimate Guide to Hub Pages you will learn how to master hub pages quickly and learn insider tips and secrets.

So this is great not only for beginners but has excellent tips for advanced users as well...

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Added April 17, 2008

5 Pack of Joomla Themes

5 Themed Joomla® templates which can also be used for WordPress®, or Standard HTML Websites.

  • Business Website in HTML and PHP
  • Computing Website in HTML and PHP
  • Health Related Website in HTML and PHP
  • Sports Website in HTML and PHP
  • Travel Website in HTML and PHP
  • Theme Install Guide
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Added April 16, 2008

3 Brand New PLR Products

1- Blogging Basics For Beginners
Catch Up And Join The Blogosphere Trend In The 21st Century!

Blogging Basics For Beginners introduces the latest trend that has been picking up on the Internet for the past more than a decade, which eventually becomes a habit of common Internet users. Learn things like how blogging can benefit your business or even daily routine, set up your own blog in less than 15 minutes, and command the kind of traffic and attention you want!

2- Firesale Essence
How to Start Your Own Online Firesale and Raise Massive Capital in the Fastest Time Possible!

A firesale is based on a very simple concept. It is essentially a kind of sales promotion where a thing is first sold at an extremely low price and then after every few days, the price of the thing is raised. This occurrence generally lasts for about seven days and then the offer is terminated forever.

3- Resale Rights - The Alternative
A Must Have Guide for all Resellers and Those in the Making!

The Internet has emerged as one of the major ways in which one can make money easily. Though one must always beware of all the spurious sites that crop up from time to time, the Internet if used in a wise manner for earning money can actually prove to be quite an effective tool. This is the basis of Resale Rights - The Alternative.

All 3 With Un-Restricted Private Label Rights

Added April 15, 2008

30 MiniSite Templates

JPG, PSD Files, HTML Page etc.

Private Label Rights File Size: 39.6 MB

Added April 14, 2008

750 Traffic Tactics - By Edmund Loh

Traffic Tactics Volume I
What Every Webmaster Should Know About Traffic Building
Traffic Tactics Volume II
- Fast Traffic Tactics
Traffic Tactics Volume III
Long Term Traffic Tactics
Traffic Tactics Volume IV
The New Wave of Traffic Tactics
Traffic Tactics Volume V
Web Traffic Monetization Tactics
Traffic Tactics Volume VI
Web Site Optimization Tactics for More Leads
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Added April 13, 2008

No Image
eBay Video Articles 3 Sets - (Members Suggested)

Set One Titles:
  • What Sells Best on eBay
  • Learning the Basics of Ebay
  • At What Price Should You Start Your Bidding
  • Learn the Ropes in Discussion Groups and Forums
  • How To Start a Bidding Frenzy on eBay
  • How To Prevent Your eBay Business From Taking Over Your Life
  • Why You Need a Good Feedback Score on eBay
Set Two Titles:
  • Tips for selling Multiple Items on eBay
  • How to write Winning Ad Copy for your eBay Item
  • How To Find a Supplier for Your eBay Business
  • How to Ship Your Products to Your eBay Customers
  • How To Make Your Headline Stand Out from the Crowd.
  • Tips For Outsourcing Your eBay Business
  • What to do When Your eBay Buyer Has a Complaint
Set Three Titles:
  • How to Find Out What eBay Consumers Are Buying
  • Big Mistakes You Don't Want to Make On eBay
  • Laws About Selling Homemade Goods on eBay
  • How to Copy the Tricks of eBay Power Sellers
  • Could You Turn Your eBay Hobby into a Business
  • How To Run Your eBay Business Professionally
  • Where to Find Drop Shippers
Private Label Rights

Added April 12, 2008
Teach Yourself Piano

HOT NICHE...Learning the Piano is a desire/dream/goal of A LOT of people. Also, people love instant gratification so being able to offer a quick jump start into their goal is a sure fire way to get their attention (and business!)

2-Part Lesson. Includes VIDEO

Master Resale Rights

Added April 11, 2008
The Beginners Guide To Mastering PHP

The guide is over 70 pages long and contains examples and step by step instructions on how to seize the power of PHP and put it to use for you!

Fire Your Programmer! Now You Can Learn How To Install And Create Your Own PHP Scripts, Enhance Your Web Pages, Design Interactive Communities All By Mastering The Power of PHP Programming!

Master Resale Rights

Added April 10, 2008
Partnering With The Big Dogs - by Doug Champigny

Amazing New Report Rips The Lid Off The Internet Marketing Mega-Launches As Big-Dog Insider Reveals The Truth About Joint Ventures - And How YOU Can Use Them To Build Your Business, Expand Your Customer Base & Skyrocket Your Online Profits - Starting Almost Immediately!

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Added April 8, 2008
EZ Ebook Templates Package - (Members Suggested)

The EZ Ebook Template Package Is The One Product You Need To Start Stylizing Your Drab & Dreary Ebooks Into Beautiful Works Of Art. . . Without All The Hard Work!

OpenOffice Writer EZ Ebook Template Package Can Help You. . .
  • Create Colorful PDF Ebooks In Less Time And With Less Work
  • Include Actual Linked Table of Contents Menus Within Your Ebooks
  • Have Pre-Formatted Templates You Can Utilize To Generate Your Own Unique Works
Master Resale Rights

Added April 7, 2008

Kaboodle It And Twitter It - 2 Social Network Videos

The videos show you how to get highly targeted traffic to ANY website, for free, using the power of social networks!

Kaboodle It:

Share Recommendations and Discover New Things From the Kaboodle Community.

1- Discover new things from people with similar taste and style
2- Recommend and discuss your favorite products and stores
3- Simplify your life with wish lists and shopping lists

Twitter It:

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

UnRestricted Private Label Rights

Added April 6, 2008
The Traffic Hybrid System

Discover The Simple Copy & Paste Traffic Method That Will Break Into Any Niche, The More Competition the Better!... 100% Guaranteed

Master Resale Rights

Added April 5, 2008

1- Making of Living of Your Blog - Report
2- Blog Your Wage - Report

Making of Living of Your Blog:

Put The Power Of Your Blog To Work, And Increase How Much Money You Will Make This Year!

You No Longer Have To Publish Blog Posts Without Compensation!

Blog Your Wage:

This guide is more like a road map to long-term, online success!"
Building a substantial internet income is a completely realistic goal and with the help of my comprehensive guide you can achieve those dreams of online success!

My easy to follow course is jam packed with real world examples and step by step instructions on how to set up a simple, almost free blog and turn it into a cash generating, marketing machine.

Master Resale Rights

Added April 4, 2008
The Bribe Machine - (Members Suggested)

StumbleUpon Bribe Machine And Digg Bribe Machine:

Basically these php scripts allow you to ethically "bribe" your site visitors, if they'll only add you to their favorites on the social network you choose.

PLR + Master Resale Rights

Added April 3, 2008
Video Optin Graphics Templates


- 3 New Video Squeeze Templates
- 2 Vertical Video Optin Templates
- A Sharp Looking Video Testimonial Box Template
- All In 7 Great Web 2.0 Colors For a Total of 42 Stunning Video Optin Graphic !

Master Resale Rights

Added April 2, 2008
Web Video Testimonial Software

The Secret to Online Success is Video. The second best kept secret is Testimonials. Together they are an unstoppable force in internet marketing. The secret combination to boost sales incredibly.

PLR & Master Resale Rights

Added April 1, 2008

CB Niche Builder Software Tool - (Members Suggested)

Discover The Secrets Of A Super Affiliate Marketer Who Creates Multiple High Profit ClickBank.com Niche Sites Within Minutes!

  1. Make multiple streams of income from marketing ClickBank.com merchant products as an affiliate?
  2. Instantly know which profitable product at ClickBank.com you should sell?
  3. Save time and effort on conducting Niche Marketing research from ClickBank.com products?
  4. Avoid from having your affiliate commissions stolen?
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